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The STI Team

A Close - Knit Team

Business Team

A highly qualified group of people, with the right mix of experience and lively dynamism, which makes the sharing of ideas a strong point.


Continuous growth and deep technical study combined with frequency to the most important architecture and design international studios, allow the team to understand and interpret each project in a complete and professional manner.

Creativity and originality, as well as attention to traditions and the classics, are associated with technical and organizational competence in order to propose solutions that meet the needs and unique requirements of a world-wide clientele.



The Founder

Passion for work, always high vision, enthusiasm, and perseverance, are characteristics imprinted in the group's DNA and are the indelible mark of its founder.


“There is always room for improvement”.

G. Stucchi


Architect and Interior Designer

Silvia began her professional career working as set designer on relevant theatrical projects put forth by the Teatro Stabile of Turin. She turned to architecture by collaborating with various studios including Picco Architetti. For several years, she collaborated with G-Studio in the design of luxurious furniture products and Interior decoration. Since then she has autonomously continued this path, widening the boundaries of her business to Milan, Paris and many other capitals worldwide. 


Architect and Project Manager

An architect, form the architecture and design studio Gianetti. Who utilizes experimentation. research and technical ability as the fil rouge of a professional path that is intense and varied. He works on several project scales in a transversa way, passing from the architecture of buildings and urban areas to that of the interiors of domestic and commercial spaces, from the design of furniture and objects to the preparation of exhibit ions and showrooms. 



Industrial Designer

Salvo Bonura graduated in 2001 in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano. The following year he attended a master in Fashion Design and started working as a freelance designer for various companies. He successfully participated in several design competitions as well. In 2002 he became the Art Director at Baruffaldi (motorcycle glasses) where he designed new products, packaging, catalogues, communication tools and set-ups for fairs and events. At the same time he continued his freelance consultancy for other clients. In 2005 he founded Bonura design, a multidisciplinary design studio in which he developed industrial products, furniture and accessories, packaging and visual communication tools. Recently he has approached interior design, taking care of several renovation projects for residential and commercial properties as well as the development of  new retail formats for healthcare companies.




Alfa moved to Italy in 2018, where he completed his Post Graduate in Product Design, He is an all round designer who has been working on several design and creative projects ranging from Furniture design, Interior design, Graphic design, Fashion and Animation with several international brands and studios. Paying particular attention to creativity and ingenuity. 




After, the experiences carried out at the studios of Federico Bergonzi and Walter Scaramuzza. He continued his profession individually and establishes the link with Bodema, for which he designs and develops transformable products In synergy with the Stema Meccanismi company. This collaboration recognizes the company's specialization in the production sofa beds. 


Architect and Designer

Through architecture and design they develop projects where competence always walks together with emotion. supporting clients In the selection of the most eligible and efficient solutions tor their respective needs. For them architecture and design are interelated disciplines: that's why, in their solutions, architectural projection is always measured on design and functionality of living. 

STI Designers

A few of the great names of world-class designers and architects, that over the years have collaborated and still collaborate with Milano Stile to create furnishing and project solutions that stand the test of time. Their signatures on our Milano Stile furniture collection are amongst the most prestigious and eclectic in the Italian international design landscape. 

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